Matrox Convert IP Enables State-of-the-art AVoverIP Immersive Art Exhibit

The blog post titled "A Tech Double-Take: Two technology solutions used to bring Frameless to ISE 2023" by Matrox highlights the innovative use of technology to recreate the Frameless immersive art experience at ISE 2023 in Barcelona. The team behind the UK's largest digital immersive art exhibition collaborated with Panasonic Connect Europe, Hive Media Control, Apantac LLC, and Matrox Video to showcase two distinct technological approaches.

The first approach involved a state-of-the-art AV connection executed in a sophisticated manner. Panasonic utilized three RQ35 and eight RQ25 3-Chip DLP projectors, equipped with pixel-quadrupling technology, to project stunning 4K+ visuals on floors and walls. To enhance contrast and color reproduction, Panasonic worked with LANG AG to develop a high-contrast fabric screen material for the back wall. The projectors were fed content from HIVE media players using SDI, providing a seamless and immersive experience.

The second approach demonstrated the latest fully IP-based and synchronized solution on a 10GB fiber network infrastructure. Matrox Video provided ConvertIP, IPMX-ready encoders, and decoders, showcasing the potential of IP streaming technology for immersive installations. The ConvertIP devices, including DSS and DSH, facilitated the conversion of SDI signals to HDMI and their synchronization through a PTP network clock.

Hartmut Kulessa, European Marketing Manager at Panasonic Visual System Solutions, expressed the desire to showcase different opportunities for location-based entertainment. The team aimed to demonstrate the potential of AVoIP streaming, emphasizing its flexibility and ease of management compared to traditional AV solutions. Kulessa also anticipated the IPMX standard, used in Matrox ConvertIP Series encoders, to become a de facto standard for live events and fixed installations due to its flexibility and low latency.

Panasonic's use of Smart Display Module (SDM) cards in projectors and displays showcased an innovative and future-proofed approach. This strategy allows customers to retrofit projectors or displays for different uses, supporting existing standards like STI and future standards like IPMX.

In conclusion, the blog post highlights the successful collaboration of technology solutions to recreate the Frameless experience at ISE 2023. The team showcased that award-winning immersive content can be recreated in various settings, including temporary, new build, and traditional infrastructure, without the need for high budgets and dedicated buildings. The flexibility of different technology solutions opens exciting opportunities for immersive installations.

Read the full blog post from Matrox HERE

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