Matrox ConvertIP for Live Production Environments

Discover how Matrox Video's ConvertIP solution seamlessly integrates with the Panasonic KAIROS production platform, as demonstrated by Ron Birdie at ISE 2024 in a video by rAVe [PUBS]. Leveraging a Precision Timing Protocol (PTP) Network, this demonstration highlights the transmission of uncompressed 2110 content, guaranteeing impeccable quality. However, the associated costs for local content distribution via this network can be prohibitive. To address this, Matrox ConvertIP transmitters and receivers convert 2110 content to 1 gig ipmx format, delivering near-zero latency and visually lossless content at a more accessible price point. For those intrigued, Matrox encourages further exploration of their ConvertIP solution through their website or social media channels.

Watch the full video from rAVe [PUBS] below:

Learn more about Matrox below:

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