Matrox H.264 Encoding Webinar on Creative Cow

Creative Cow

Matrox H.264 Encoding Webinar (pre-recorded)

Join Matrox product experts for a detailed discussion of H.264, the de-facto standard codec for delivering HD content to the web, mobile devices and Blu-ray. Don't miss this opportunity to delve into the mysteries of H.264, see a demonstration, and get answers to your questions.

Watch this recording and learn:

  • Why H.264 has become an industry standard
  • How to accentuate the positive and overcome the negative aspects of working with H.264
  • How to deliver H.264 files using your favorite encoding applications — Apple Compressor, Telestream Episode, Adobe Media Encoder and more
  • How rendering times compare
  • Ways to speed up rendering
  • The key to creating high quality video for low bandwidth web connections

Watch the video here

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