Matrox lowers price of RTX100 Extreme Pro Collection

RTX100XPNCTHXMatrox today announced new lower pricing on the RTX100 Extreme Collection (RTX100XPNC) to $1099.00!! That is a $300 drop from the old $1399 price. Matrox also announced that the RTX100 Extreme Pro Suite (RTX100XPNS) would no longer be available. Adobe has pulled their "Video Suite" from their OEM partners. The Adobe Video Suite included Premiere Pro 1.5, Encore DVD 1.5 & Audition1.5. Now their OEM partners can only offer the full Video Collection in their hardware bundles. The RTX100XPNS was on sale for $999.95. With a new sale price of $1099, the RTX100XPNC gives you Adobe After Effects 6.5 for just one hundred dollars more!! As a special Videoguys' Bonus we are going to include over $200 worth of free Total Training DVDs!!! 1. Fundamentals of Premeire Pro 1.5 2. After Effects 6.5 the Fundamentals 3. Video Collection from Edit to Output Matrox has also announced the end of their RTX100 trade-up program. We still have a limited supply of inventory. We are no longer requiring you to return your old card. You will need a valid Adobe Premiere serial number in order to install the upgrade software. Click here for more information on our new Matrox RTX100 promotions

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