Matrox Matrox RT.X100

FastForwardClub By Jesse Reich rtx100 Editing styles are like opinions, everyone has one and I’m no different. When I was looking for a way to speed up my editing and give my clients something my competition couldn’t I turned to Matrox and the RT.X100. The RT.X100 is a real-time hardware escalator for users of Adobe Premiere Pro. Currently our studio edits on two RT.X100 systems. I have tried to provide some information for those looking into the world of Real-Time editing. There is just so much to talk that I couldn’t include everything here, but it’s a start. I believe Matrox has provided some of the most intuitive and flexible Filters of any add-on editing package offering real-time performance. I have looked at the competition in the PC and Mac worlds and feel the return on investment (ROI for you business types) far exceeds the offerings of other manufactures. read more...

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