MATROX MicroQuad by Chris Childs


Ah yes equipment reviews. I have always liked to read reviews because when someone can take equipment and run it through some paces, then give me an honest idea if that piece of equipment can fit into my work flow... great! However, what I have noticed is that most of the reviews look at it from a standpoint of a high broadcast stuff. Well that works for some applications but the reason I am so excited that we, here at HOWiReview, are getting a chance to review new equipment so we can look at that equipment from a H.O.W. viewpoint. I realize some of you are broadcasting which is great, but what about those smaller churches that aren’t?

We are here to show you how you can take great products and use them whether you are just starting your ministry and are on a tight budget, or perhaps you are what the world calls the Mega-Church. Remember the great thing about HOWireview is that we don’t care how big or little your church ministry is right now. We are for all sizes and we want you folks to put out the best product possible because that is what we should be doing for Christ. He deserves our best! Also remember we want to give you product reviews that won't overdraw your church’s checkbook.

With all that in mind I was excited to take a look at Matrox’s MicroQuad for you. Matrox has been at the forefront in both technology and price for many years in the video industry. The MicroQuad looked like it could be just the thing to help churches of any size get a multiviewer in the control room.

On their website Matrox states: “The new Matrox MicroQuad lets you use an affordable HDMI display to view your video signals.” I couldn’t agree more! Here is a way a smaller church can have 4 sources and have your own multi-viewer and at a price that is not out of the world crazy. I know you are asking yourself: “Really Chris? I have been to those tradeshows and have seen the multiviewers booths, got real excited thinking it was within my reach, and then asked about price. After passing out, I woke up and moved on to the next booth.” I am telling you with the MicroQuad, "YES" you can really afford to have a multiviewer. Let me show you what you get. read more...

Check out these items featured in this post and available now at
Matrox MicroQuad Quad SDI to HDMI Multiviewer for 3G/HD/SD $995.00 Matrox Convert DVI Plus HD-SDI Scan Converter with Genlock $1,495.00 Matrox MC-100 Dual SDI to HDMI Mini Converter for 3G/3D/HD/SD $495.00

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