Matrox Monarch EDGE Encoder Teams Up with SBG Focus to Deliver Multi-HD Encoding and Video Playback

The new Matrox Monarch Edge video encoder was recently paired with SBG Focus to create a winning combination of HD encoding power and easy video playback.

Soccer is one of the most popular broadcast sport in the world, that draws a viewership of over 1.12 billion people- as of the 2018 World Cup. One major technology that allows these broadcasts to happen, is the Matrox Monarch EDGE and SBG Focus.

The Monarch Edge as yet to be released to the general public, but was announced earlier this year. This video encoder was paired with Focus' instant replay and live clipping capabilities to create an engaging sports broadcast from various angles.

Coaches can use this technology to access instant replays and tag significant moments, to highlight what needs to be improved in the players, and breakdown the weak points of the other team.

“Our customers are always looking for ways to improve their workflows, reduce turn-around times and increase the quality of their deliverables. Matrox Monarch EDGE addresses all three aspects. The quality of the picture, even at low bitrates, is the best we’ve seen, and the unit is so easy to setup and configure that it takes all the stress out of match-day setup.”

Simon Cuff, commercial director at SBG Sports Software

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