Matrox Monarch EDGE – The Must-Have Encoder for Fashion Week!

The new Matrox Monarch EDGE recently had a major role to play at the Tommy Hilfiger Show at New York Fashion Week. The Hilfiger show is one of the most exclusive events of the year, with attendees close enough to the see the fabric of each dress. Monarch edge allows that experience remotely as well.

While Tommy Hilfiger showcased a ‘70s-inspired collection for the upcoming season, the designer’s online multi-camera webcast was anything but retro. Thanks to the Matrox Monarch EDGE encoder’s ability to receive multiple HD feeds and composite them into a pristine quad-split stream, and B Live’s innovative user interface that allows for seamless switching between multiple camera views, adoring Tommy Hilfiger fans got to have their own show credentials just like fashion industry VIPs.

During this years show, remote viewers hoping to watch the event could log onto the Tommy Hilfiger website to see live broadcasts from the Apollo Theater. These broadcasts included footage of the runway, over head views, and head to toe shots of the models.

Monarch EDGE was the perfect encoder to tackle this task because it could accept four discreet HD inputs. After accepting these inputs it was able to deliver a single, high quality 4K stream.

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