Matrox Monarch Encoder/ Recorders chosen by Indiana, Oklahoma and Purdue Universities

Here's more hands-on publicity for Matrox's great recording and streaming appliance family of Monarch encoders. The Monarch LCS is specifically designed for capturing and streaming lectures and as the following story reports, Universities are happy with it: Monarch LCSFrom

Matrox Video will showcase its complete line of Matrox Monarch streaming and recording appliances, including the award-winning Monarch LCS lecture capture appliance.

Committed to making every classroom lecture-capture-enabled, Matrox will demonstrate the ease with which higher education IT administrators can integrate the reliable, simple-to-use Monarch LCS into any open video management system (VMS) or lecture management system (LMS). EDUCAUSE attendees will also have the opportunity to find out how some of the biggest-named universities are using Monarch HD and Monarch HDX encoders for lecture capture, as well as for a wide range of on-campus events. Notable installations include:

-Indiana University using Monarch LCS and the Kaltura VMS to streamline lecture capture system operations and deliver high-quality distance learning...[continue reading]

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