Matrox Monarch Family Simplifies Sports Live Streaming

Matrox recently became a corporate sponsor of Sports Video Group. Matrox has been an industry leader for more than 40 years, with devices like their monarch family.

The Matrox Monarch family of devices allows users to simultaneously stream and record at the same time. If it's worth streaming, it's worth recording.

“We are looking forward to learning from and contributing to the community at SVG and working together to drive the future of sports-video technology.”

Alberto Cieri, Senior Director, Sales and Marketing, Matrox Video

One major product from Matrox is the new Monarch Edge- perfect for sports broadcasting in 4K. This encoder gives users the power to create engaging sports video workflows.

“With our latest generation of encoding products, we are not only trying to broaden the reach of the workflows we have traditionally enabled but are now also creating new tools in order to lower the cost of high-quality sporting-event production.”

Alberto Cieri

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