Matrox Monarch HDX checks off everything you're looking for in an encoder

Quickchennel producers Daniel Aragay & Nina Josefsson recently wrote up a great review praising the Matrox Monarch HDX video streamer and recorder!

Matrox specializes in making the Monarch Family of Encoders for any level of streaming needs for just about any environment be it a house of worship, a school, or local government. 

Testing the Monarch HDX

"Running many events a year, it’s important to be able to set up quickly whilst ensuring the customer/producer and their viewing audience, are equally satisfied with the final production. Thanks to Matrox’ Monarch HDX, which was surprisingly easy to use, our team was able to provide stable, high-quality content that did not disappoint," worte Daniel Aragay about using the Matrox Monarch HDX. 

The Monarch HDX is certainly a versatile piece of equipment. It creates an H.264-encoded stream for RTMP protocols and utilizes dual encoding. It shares both these stream with 30 Mb/s across both channels. 

But it also allows for multiple different workflows depending on what you need. Be it dual channel recording, dual channel streaming, or streaming & recording. The Monarch HDX does it all. 

Check out this Videoguys Webinar going over the many success stories people have had using the Matrox Family of Encoders to tell their stories and get their message to the world!

In Conclusion

Daniel had high expectation for the Matrox Monarch HDX, and he wasn't disappointed. For him, the Monarch HDX, "ticked all the boxes" he was looking for.

  • Dual channel support
  • SDI and HDMI inputs
  • High quality Streams
  • & field friendly design

If you need a reasonably priced video streamer & recorder, the Matrox Monarch HDX if for you! 

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Learn more about Matrox here!

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