Matrox Monarch HDX is Great for Delivering Lecture Content
matroxmonThe Matrox Monarch HDX is an excellent choice for capturing and streaming lectures. It's very easy to set up, and delivers outstanding video qaulity. Monarch HDX gives you dual encoders and the ability to simultaneously record to two devices. You can record to an SD card, USB drive, and/or any drive found on your network. You can record and/or encode at the same or two different bitrates. We offer a special bundle with the 1 Beyond Streamcam PTZ AutoTracker camera that is the perfect solution for professors who like to move around during lectures.
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5 Features a Good Lecture Capture System Needs to Deliver Content to Students

Flexibility Good lecture capture systems will entail equipment with flexibility. Flexible equipment will be able to connect to new equipment, or to preexisting equipment to blend with instructors’ workflows. Flexible equipment will also be able to keep up with high-demand consumption, such as video recording and streaming. Pictured is the Matrox Monarch HDX by Matrox. The Monarch HDX is a video encoding device designed for broadcasters and webcasters. It provides two encoders that enable streaming from two different locations, recording files, and integration into any SD and HD installation. It provides easy-to-use video recording and streaming with to ability to store recorded content on any platform or device and one-touch recording and streaming buttons. read more...
MatroxMonarchMonarch hdx

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