Matrox Monarch HDX: streaming and recording device with improved flexibility and functionality

Screen Shot 10-07-15 at 12.37 PMHere's anotherr good article and review of the Matrox Monarch HDX. I agree with the author that the Monarch HDX's added functionality over the very successful Monarch HD makes it a great fit for educational video. From recording and streaming lectures to distance learning Monarch HDX offers a low cost solution for both streaming and recording video that before now would cost twice as much (or higher).
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Matrox Monarch HDX is a compact, easy-to-use, dual-channel H.264 encoding appliance that began shipping in July 2015, priced at £1,395 ($1,995 US). It builds on the technology incorporated into the popular Matrox Monarch HD, which, over the last two years, has been adopted by broadcasters, event producers, medical facilities, CDNs, for corporate communications and in education environments.

The HDX has been designed for complete workflow flexibility and has been built to provide the quality and robustness needed in demanding video streaming and recording applications. While it may look like a simple box from the outside, its simplicity disguises a whole lot of capability.

It features 3G-SDI and HDMI inputs, which are selectable from the web-based user interface, Monarch HDX Command Center, or directly via buttons on the unit itself. This widens the connectivity options for devices such as cameras, switchers and routers. Both video inputs feature frame-synchronisers to ensure uninterrupted streaming and recording operations even with unstable sources, such as the output of low cost switchers. Audio sent to the encoders can be selected from embedded channels or analogue input sources and may be dynamically muted or unmuted without affecting the video encoding operation.

The verdict With the added functionality building on what was already a very capable device in the Monarch HD, the HDX looks set to have a strong impact on education. For similar functionality, users will need to head to the high end of the market, where prices like £1,395 just don’t exist. As streaming and recording scenarios become more and more common - particularly in higher education - demand for tools like the Monarch HDX is sure to grow and grow. read more...

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