Matrox Monarch LCS & Ensemble Video Delivers More Lecture Capture for Less

If you've been scoping out lecture capture systems, here is another great reason to seriously consider the Matrox Monarch LCS lecture capture device. Read on to find out more about how Ensemble Studio lecture capture software works with the Monarch LCS.
matrox-lcs-lecture-capture-blogStreaming Media Say hello to Ensemble Video's disruptive lecture capture solution, where you get more lecture capture tools and spend less. Lecture Capture is any technology with the ability to record (or capture) lecture content and make it available in digital format (on-demand or live) for students. Many lecture capture systems offer three important benefits: the students can review recorded lecture content when they miss class, the content can be reviewed for exams, and content creation is simplified for online courses. Lecture Capture technologies and services have advanced rapidly over the years, creating an arms race in the lecture capture market and increasing the price and complexity of lecture capture solutions. Unfortunately, these “advancements” have totally priced many organizations out of the market, and many more are unable to fully deploy a lecture capture system across their entire organization. Simple, Powerful, and Affordable The Ensemble lecture capture solution is disruptive. Why? Because it is powerful, simple and affordable. Our goal was to build a very cost-effective lecture capture technology that can be deployed in every classroom on a campus, whether large or small. Ensemble Studio is a lecture capture recording and scheduling system. It integrates room-based video capture hardware, enabling easy, automated recording in classrooms, meeting rooms, labs, courtrooms, and medical training rooms....[continue reading]

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