Matrox MX02 LE MAX Signal Converter

TV Technolog by Geoff Poister

The Matrox MXO2 LE MAX is an advanced breakout box that connects to a PC or Mac desktop or laptop, and provides real-time conversion of most existing video and audio formats. It also offers HDMI monitoring and highly accelerated H.264 video encoding. The Matrox MXO2 LE MAX is one of a family of similar I/O devices that vary in size, range of inputs and outputs, connectivity and price. These products are designed to connect to PC or Mac desktops or laptops via PCIe card, express34 card or Thunderbolt.

The Matrox MXO2 LE MAX has video inputs/outputs for signals including SDI, HDMI, component, S-Video and composite. Audio I/Os include XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced. There’s also a genlock port. Video formats can be cross-converted in real-time. HD to SD downscaling provides proper conversion of the SD color space and aspect ratio. SD to HD upscaling converts the SD color space to HD color space. SD footage with a 4:3 aspect ratio is pillar-boxed, while 16:9 footage is scaled to full screen. Cross-conversion between the 720 and 1080 HD formats is also provided.

The MXO2 LE MAX has two components— a PCI card that resides inside the host computer, and a rugged aluminum breakout box that contains all of the input and output terminals. It can also be confi gured to work with a laptop.

The breakout box is designed for simplicity, with all of the inputs on one side and all of the outputs on the other. As an example of its functionality, you can connect an analog component deck into the input side and play out SDI digital on the other in real time, or you could make multiple versions in different formats simultaneously by connecting devices to other live outputs, such as S-Video, HDMI or composite. Monitoring is constantly available through the HDMI port. read more...

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