Littel Frog in High Def by Shane Ross So here I am, at NAB working in the Matrox booth touting the MXO. When I arrived on Sunday, I dropped off my bags at the hotel and walked to the convention center (I am very close). Got there, found that the booth is right next to the front doors in the South Hall. Nice. I drop by the booth, see the usual stuff. station has "MATROX ####." TAPE over the product name. Hmmm...I heard that they were talking about a new product. And they did ask me "hey, what would you like to see in the next MXO." Looks like they listened to most of what I wanted. MATROX MXO 2 is what was under that tape. And when I got there they pulled out this box... This shouldn't be called the Matrox MXO 2, this needs to be called Matrox MXI/O, because that is what it does. INPUT AND OUTPUT. It inputs HD SDI, Component, Composite, S-Video, HDMI, AES/EBU audio, two channels of XLR. Then it outputs the same, except for FOUR channels of XLR audio, and 6 RCA audio outputs. What does it capture? Well, anything that FCP supports. DVCPRO HD, ProRes...and uncompressed HD. Uncompressed HD? Well, because it doesn't connect via firewire. On the tower, it connects to the PCIe ships with a PCIe connector card. AND, it also ships with an Express34 card for the MacBook Pro. Now, you aren't going to get uncompressed on the laptop, but you can do ProRes. Because it connects to the Express34 slot, you are limited to Firewire drives. But a good raided firewire drive like the FirewireVR from CalDigit or the G-Raid from G-Tech and there you go...ProRes. read more...

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