Matrox MXO (2.0) Display Output Device Review

Videomaker by John Burkhart MXOMarrying the Two Matrox has a long history in the sometimes-rocky marriage of computer and video technology. The Matrox MXO fills a gap between the prices of high-quality cameras and high-quality monitors. Pro monitors are incredibly expensive and have never benefited from the economies of scale that have brought the prices of camcorders and computers down so low. Essentially, the MXO endeavors to turn your plain old LCD screen into a professional broadcast monitor.
Installation and Configuration The MXO is contained in a breakout box that's styled in the same aluminum-cheese-grater style as the past few years of Power Macs, so it matches your computer and there's no need to use up one of your precious PCI slots.
The MXO is connected between the DVI port on your Mac and your LCD monitor, using a small cable containing DVI, USB and analog audio connectors. You then install the software. All settings are accessed via an icon in System Preferences. To download the software, you must register and sign in with name and password. It can take a few hours to get your registration info, an annoyance for those of us with a few thousand passwords to remember already. read more...

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