Matrox MXO: Broadcast Monitoring on a Desktop Monitor

Creative Cow by Shane Ross MXOMany aspects of HD production cost just about the same as SD production did. Thanks to new formats, HD production sometimes actually costs less than SD production does. But one of the most critical pieces for professional-strength editing is an external broadcast monitor for your work....and HD versions of those cost much, much more than their SD counterparts. Desktop LCD monitors cost less, and make beautiful pictures, but haven't been up to the job of broadcast HD monitoring. Creative COW leader Shane Ross has experienced this the hard way in his HD editing for Discovery, The History Channel, and many more. Enter the Matrox MXO, a converter box that sounds too good to be true: true, fully-calibrated HD broadcast monitoring using the DVI spigot on an Apple Cinema Display -- or a laptop! -- for less than half the price of previous options. Join Shane as he puts the Matrox MXO to the test, over months of HD broadcast monitoring. Is it too good to be true? Or truly good? Read more...

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