Matrox MXO - DVI to HD and SD Video Conversion for the Mac

DV by Frank Capria MXOStable performer that's easy to insert into virtually any editing workflow. Real-time broadcast-quality down-converts from HD to SD. HDV and DVCPRO HD to SDI HD conversions in Nvidia-equipped Macs. The Matrox MXO addresses many tasks Mac editors working in DV, HDV, and DVCPRO HD (VariCam) need to accomplish. The key challenge facing those of us working with these formats isn't getting the material into our NLEs, because every major NLE supports FireWire ingest. The challenge has been getting the video out in a format our clients want. DV, HDV, and DVCPRO HD are great acquisition formats, but few clients want masters delivered to them in those formats. For many of us, it's still Digital Betacam for standard definition and HDCAM or D5 HD for high-definition deliverables. read more...

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