Matrox MXO gets a rave review by's Frank Capria!

Matrox MXO"Overall my experience with the MXO was extremely positive. Real-time down-conversion of HD sequences from my notebook Mac while editing came in handy at client screenings. The MXO's portability allowed me to set up a mobile HD editing system quite easily. In the studio it was easy to forget about the MXO. I plugged it in, installed the software, and five minutes later I was editing. It was completely transparent during editing and made easy work of making high SD versions of my HD sequences. But for the Rosetta issues with After Effects and the annoying audio monitoring flaw when used in presentation mode, the MXO would have garnered an Award of Excellence. It's that good." [Matrox note: Software release 2.0 for the MXO, which is scheduled for early January 2007, will provide support for applications running in Rosetta on Intel-based Macs, including Adobe After Effects. Users who encounter Apple’s audio monitoring issue on the MacBook Pro when using their Matrox MXO in Presentation Mode should contact Matrox customer support.] Click here to read the full article Click here to order the MXO from

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