Matrox MXO in Action

MacVideo Demonstration by Wayne Andrews, Product Manager, Matrox MXOThe Matrox MXO provides Final Cut Pro editors with a solution for HD editing. The MXO turns the Apple Cinema Display into a broadcast quality monitor. The MXO can connect to either a desktop Mac or a laptop and provides real-time SDI output. Built-in is a hardware downscaler which enables downscaling from HD to SD and to switch between anamorphic and letterbox displays. All the same controls are offered that are found on a broadcast monitor such as hue, chroma, brightness, contrast and blue only - which enables one to calibrate their monitor in the same was as a true broadcast monitor. Therefore once calibrated editors can use their Apple Cinema Display with the MXO and turn it into a broadcast quality monitor. This is used by broadcasters and has been designed for professional use. The MXO works with all QuickTime based applications that support component video out - therefore it will work with Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, After Effects and Motion. The MXO also has another mode of operation, called Presentation Mode. This allows a user to broadcast anything played through the MXO - one could therefore use this device to record iChat interviews or computer demonstrations. Verdict A comprehensive piece of equipment which would fit perfectly into a broadcast or high-end environment. The MXO is great for critical colour grading and has the bonus of giving broadcast quality output of the onscreen computer interface making it suitable for education and tutorial use. Click here to watch the video @

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