Matrox MXO Product Review by John MXO The Matrox MXO is a must have device for those who are working with HDV within Final Cut Pro. HDV is a compressed form of HD and is highly compressed using a mpg compression scheme. Since HDV compresses video uses mpg, it requires additional processing to output the media from Final Cut Pro. One of the frustrating things Final Cut Pro users eventually figure out, is there isn't a way to immediately output your finished sequence back to tape. You must perform a 'print to video' function and wait for Final Cut Pro to conform your HDV video. If you decide to make changes to your sequence, you must repeat the entire process over again. Depending on your computer's processing speed, this can be a timely process. This is where the Matrox MXO comes to the rescue. It eliminates the lengthy conforming process. It's as simple as configuring your audio-video settings within Final Cut Pro and selecting one of the special Matrox MXO presets to match your sequence settings. read more...

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