Matrox MXO updated review

DV Mag by Frank Capria (Note: This article was originally posted a couple of months ago. The review was updated to reflect an October firmware update from Matrox. ) mxo A solid, cost-effective transcoder for editors needing SD monitoring, HD to SD down-converts, and HD SDI output from HDV and VariCam sequences. Matrox engineers have skillfully avoided color space conversions by tapping into the Mac's graphics card before the YUV signal is converted to RGB, so the MXO performs similarly to a dedicated video card. It should be noted that the first few MXOs shipped could show a significant color space shift when attached to a Mac equipped with an ATI graphics card. Those MXOs did not access the YUV data correctly, forcing an RGB to YUV conversion of the DVI output. Matrox has since released a firmware update that fixes this problem. read more...

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