Matrox MXO2

Final Cut User Blog The MXO2 has been announced and I have been waiting for this bad boy for a while now.We all knew some new toy would come after the success of the MXO and being that the MXO was just preview and everyone wanted an MXO with capture support Matrox has a new offering in the form of the MXO2 .Talk about your all in one check out the specs. Now with all this and the price coming in at 1,599.00(US) Matrox has just thrown its hat in the ring for the all time bad ass capture and preview tool award from me.The real killer sell for me is basically this is a true capture device for your Macbook Pro over Express card slot and not over firewire. Having to work in 8 and 10 bit still makes the MX02 a no brainer for alot of people in broadcast and on set . As soon as i can get my hands on one i will have a full feature report testing with both Mac towers and portables both studio and on set. So we can see how it actually handles in real world workflow. read more...

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