Little Frog in High Def by Shane Ross

I received my MXO2 a few months ago but have lacked the time/project/decks to be able to test it out. The best I could do was hook it up to my computer an HDTV and go "Yup, that outputs a GREAT image" and to my HD CRT and say, well, the same thing. When I got it I was working on an Avid at a production company, then, well, I was unemployed.

But then my first opportunity to test it came.

A company I work with a lot that is primarily an Avid house, but they have one FCP system. Mainly to capture footage for their graphics department, but lately they have put it in use to capture footage for an editor who will be cutting a show on FCP. This show was shot on HDCAM at 1080 24P and they were having issues capturing the footage at a lower resolution. They had an older G5 and older Decklink card and I thought that was the issue, so I asked to borrow the Sony J-H3 HDCAM player and check it out on MY system, using the MacPRo and Matrox MXO2. read more...

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