Matrox MXO2 FAQ: Tapeless Workflows - (XD CAM - Updated 2/5/09)

How does the MXO2 work with XDCAM?
Fantastic! In fact MXO2 & MXO are the only way to playout XDCAM HD directly from Final Cut Pro using the MacBook Pro – no intermediate codec needed! With MXO2 you can output and record to SDI or analog formats without rendering.

Matrox MXO and MXO2 are the only portable I/O devices on the market that let you monitor and output your XDCAM and XDCAM HD timelines at full frame rate and full frame size from Final Cut Pro without first transcoding to an intermediate format such as ProRes or DVCPRO. You save time on every project and enjoy a more fluid workflow with Final Cut Pro on your Mac Pro or MacBook Pro.

Can MXO2 let me preview my XD CAM timeline in Full HD quality while I edit?
While you edit, Matrox MXO2 lets you see your XDCAM HD project on your broadcast monitor or an inexpensive HDMI display at the correct frame rate and size with no dropped frames. You just put your XDCAM HD footage on the timeline and press play. Once you’ve finished your edit, Matrox MXO2 lets you play out your XDCAM HD timeline directly from Final Cut Pro to SDI and analog formats.

How does MXO2 compare to other I/O devices like Aja I/O or Motu V4HD?
With other I/O devices, you get clunky, stuttering playback on your monitor because they can’t keep up with displaying XDCAM HD footage in realtime. And, you’ll still have to render your timeline before you can get it out to tape, wasting time and sacrificing quality.

Your other choice is to transcode your XDCAM footage to an intermediate format that they can handle in realtime, but that takes time that could be better spent getting right down to the editing. Do you really want to add that extra step to your workflow? In the time it takes to transcode with another I/O device, you could already be finished with your edit with Matrox MXO2!/p>

How does MXO2 compare to other I/O cards from Blackmagic or Aja for XD Cam?

  • The MXO2 is a professional breakout box with all the I/O ports you need and require. No extra investment required.
  • Flexibility - You can use the MXO2 with either a tower or laptop. The choice is yours. In fact, you can use it with both your tower and laptop - because the MXO2 ships with both a PCIe card and and ExressCard. The portability and flexibility of the MXO2 means you can share it with mutliple machines. All you just need to buy is another inexpensive Matrox PCIe card.
  • HDMI I/O with surround sound monitoring.
  • Price performance / value. When you add it all up no other solution comes close to the pure value of the MXO2!

The clear choice for portable XDCAM HD workflows with Final Cut Pro is a Matrox I/O device.

Click here for more info on the MXO2

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