Matrox MXO2 LE MAX Speeds Up The Workflow Process For FamilyNet’s “Travel Secrets Mexico”

HDVideoPro by Herbert J. Kellner

With the use of a Matrox MXO2 LE MAX and a MacBook Pro, filmmaker Herbert Kellner edits “Travel Secrets Mexico”

The production team of Lifelong Learning Magazine recently set off on an exciting adventure, agreeing to produce a new TV documentary series called Travel Secrets Mexico. Alongside my production team, we have been working on capturing and producing footage for twelve 30-minute episodes. The new series is scheduled to air in HD this October on the FamilyNet television network.

Travel Secrets Mexico will offer top-quality advice and information for tourists and the sailing community and, most importantly, give hope to businesses within the country that tourism to Mexico’s premiere destinations will soon return to the high levels of earlier years. Most media outlets in the US show a distorted picture of Mexico, opting to focus primarily on the ongoing drug war. Consequently, millions of Americans have developed a fear of traveling to Mexico. This new series hopes to restore trust in Mexico and the country’s beautiful and safe tourist destinations. Each episode features unscripted interviews with individuals living in and also visiting Mexico.

Producing a TV documentary series with 12 episodes is a major project. Producing it from various locations throughout Mexico on a 45-foot sailboat is a challenge we had never faced before! Working as a two-person team is not new to us, but on a boat our routine editing workflow needed significant changes because of the very limited space. We converted the boat’s navigation station, a desk measuring 30 x 25 in., into our new edit suite. read more...

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