Matrox MXO2 review

Final Cut User by Jim Geduldick

Some time has passed since the MXO2 shipped in 2008 enough time for people who were a little hesitant about Matrox coming back to the Mac with some new offerings to really test the waters with the MXO and now the MXO2. I can say that it is truly a well rounded I/O device and I will spare alot of you with the full run down of specs because that can all be found at the main site for the MXO2 HERE.

To get down to it this is one hell of a portable device and I mean portable in the sense not only throwing this in your pack or case but you can move this about any studio,truck or smaller shop with ease. The machine it can run on could be as simple as a MacBook Pro or a beefed up Mac Pro with the MXO2 software.It is not a hard system to set up either and I like that Matrox included the host cards(PCIe and Express card) and cable for both Mac Pro and Mac laptop instead of making you buy it as an additional option.

The picture below shows my Macbook Pro with the host adapter, MXO2 cable and MXO2 all connected to out put currently to my HDTV. The other option set up normally is have my Mac Pro with the MXO2 output to my HDTV and Sony NTSC SD monitors and speakers so I can monitor from Final Cut Studio Apps as well as Adobe and other Quicktime Video out capable applications.(Just click on any of the pictures to see it Larger) read more...

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