Matrox prepping new MXO2 drivers (v1.9)

By Andy Mees

So whats the point of having a blog if you don’t ever blog anything, right? Normally I wouldn’t care, after all there are plenty of active bloggers out there with the inside scoop (or just an entertaining view) on all that goes on in our wonderful little padded cell world of post production, and you don’t need me adding my addled view of it every 5 minutes .... But then what to do when you’ve got a cat in a bag that needs letting out? I say let the bugger out before it pees all over the inside of your perfectly good bag. I mean, it was bad enough when the beans got spilled all over it ...

Anyway, enough with all the cats, beans and and beating around bushes malarky, lets get on to the Matrox MXO2 and, more importantly, the newest and imminent driver release that’s coming our way. Unlucky for some perhaps, but hopefully not for Matrox or their users, version 1.9 will be the 13th driver release for the MXO2 in just 18 months... and its a doozy.

Vetura is coming.
It’s an all new standalone player app, and one of my favourite features of the new release ... open, view and playback your captured files directly on your big screen through the Vetura player with no need to fire up FCP or the like. read more...

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