Matrox Presents Streaming/Recording ?Appliance?

Government Video by Bob Kovacs

The universal availability of high-speed Internet connections has opened the gates to streaming video, both live and recorded. This breakthrough in signal distribution means that manufacturers and users are developing new products and workflows to create and deliver streaming presentations.

So the people at Montreal-based Matrox had a simple idea: If you are going to stream video, why not make it both easy to stream and easy to record?

This was the topic of a presentation by Matrox?s Francesco Scartozzi at the 2014 Government Video Expo. The product that Matrox created to fit this niche is the Monarch HD, a compact device with minimal controls that functions as a digital video recorder and a web streaming processor.

Scartozzi pointed out the new digital reality and why a web presence is so important.

?If you?re not doing it on the web, you?re not really doing anything,? he said. read more...

Matrox?s new Monarch HD is a portable live encoder that can send a stream to your streaming server and also record a master-quality copy to a network drive, or local USB or SD storage. The Monarch HD costs less than $1,000, and is available from the sponsor of this tutorial, In this tutorial, I?ll show you how to use the Monarch to stream a live event and record a master-quality copy. (Read More)
StreamVu is a simple, inexpensive and well-featured service, and Matrox Monarch HD is the only hardware encoder that can produce one stream for live distribution and the other for archiving. In combination, they make an ideal solution for your live and on-demand video production requirements. (Read More)

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