Matrox RT.X2 High-Definition Editing System

DMN Product Review: By Charlie White rtx2Premiere Pro 2.0 never had it so good, editing HDV footage with ease Matrox has followed its RT.X100 line of hardware-accelerated video editing systems with the RT.X2, a $1995 PCI card and breakout box that can cut through HDV high-definition footage like butter. Unlike its RT.X100 predecessor, it's more akin to the higher-end Axio system which blends in well with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0. How will that approach translate to this lower-cost echelon, the market where HDV editing holds court? Matrox sent us a turnkey system with which to test its latest affordable high-definition editing hardware along with the included Adobe Premiere 2.0, and we were impressed. One of the crucial aspects of the performance of the Matrox RT.X2 is the hardware on which it runs, because the real time capabilities depend not only on the Matrox chips on the RT.X2 card (the Flex 3D components for 3D effects), but also lean heavily on the PC's processor (CPU) and graphics processors (GPU) for transitions and filters. But the hardware is quirky about its platform, and Matrox is quite specific about which chipset, processors, graphics cards, motherboards and PCs will work with it. You'll have to check the company's website to see if your PC qualifies. If you do decide to go with the R2.X2, I would recommend getting one that's configured as a turnkey system; just to be sure you'll have enough horsepower to get the job done. read more...

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