Matrox RT.X2 review

DV by John Jackman With the RT.X2, Matrox brings users real-time preview capabilities for editing HD, HDV, and SD in the same timeline. Like its SD-only predecessor, the RT.X100 ("Real-Time DV Editing Boards," Jan. '03 DV), the RT.X2 blends onboard hardware horsepower, the graphics chip of the host unit's display card, and the processing power of the host CPU to create real-time preview of effects, transitions, and composites. The RT.X2 consists of a full-length PCI-Express (PCIe) board and a compact breakout box. Because the unit depends on the host CPU and graphics processing unit (GPU) for part of its real-time processing power, the board must be installed in an approved host computer with a PCIe motherboard and two processing cores-either a single dual-core processor or two single-core more...

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