Matrox VS4 Recorder Pro used in Skehan Communications Production Truck for Multi-channel Recording System

HAA-Truck-InteriorSkehan Communications, a leading video production and transmission company in the US had a need to increase capacity from six to ten recording channels. Using the Matrox VS4 Recorder Pro solution, they were able to build a four-channel HD recording server for a little more than the cost of a single-channel recorder. Before integrating the Matrox-based system into their equipment arsenal, the production truck already had six disc-based media recorders. Then one client had a specific need to record eight camera feeds as well as two program feeds, increasing the requirement to ten recording channels. At a cost of approximately $3600 per recorder, adding the extra capacity with more of the same recorders was not an affordable solution and wouldn’t offer the desired operational flexibility and ease of retrieving and moving files around. After exploring several hard drive-based options, Skehan found a few custom recorders that suited the need, but at a cost of about $5000 per recording channel. Then he came across Matrox VS4. “The VS4, with its VS4Recorder Pro software and VS4Control feature, seemed to hold the promise of an affordable solution,” said Skehan. “It had everything needed to record HD video for multiple channels.” Click here to read Skehan Communications' full story at Matrox VS Recorder Pro available now and in stock at

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