Maximum Mini: Multiple Output Options on AJA’s ROI Mini-Converter

Creatvei Planet network by Ned Soltz

While mini-converters are a necessity in today’s multi-standard post environment, reading about them doesn’t usually evoke a sense of excitement. Mini-converters don’t tend to be flashy or slick. They are content to perform their essential roles in the background, letting the monitor and the software take the credit for a job well done.

Mini-converters are great little devices for I/O conversion or breaking out signals, but they are not exactly associated with workflow-changing experiences. That is, until AJA’s ROI (region of interest) scaling converter came along.

The ROI Mini-Converter looks similar to the rest of the AJA Mini-Converter line: it’s a small grey box with inputs on one side and outputs on the other. ROI is a scaling converter that converts HDMI or DVI signals to SDI. Analog audio from the host can be input via a standard 3.5mm audio cable and mapped to the embedded SDI stream. Alternatively, if the input is HDMI, the embedded audio can be the audio input.

ROI connects to the host computer’s video through HDMI or DVI and to the computer itself via a standard USB cable (supplied). This USB connection enables device control via AJA’s MiniConfig software. read more...

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