Medea VideoRaid FCR2

fcr2Over the past year or two we’ve been keeping an eye on a major development in video storage. For high-end post, we are now recommending Medea VideoRaid FCR2 Fibre Channel storage solutions. Starting at $3,495 for a 1 TB (1,000GB) solution, it is the perfect failsafe storage solution for your Avid, AJA, Blackmagic, Bluefish, Canopus or Matrox uncompressed SD & HD workstation. VideoRaid FCR2 SAN-READY disk arrays feature fail-safe operation and a high-performance 2-Gbit FC interface. VideoRaid FCR2 supports professional applications including real-time uncompressed and HD non-linear video editing systems. VideoRaid FCR2 is the industry's most affordable fibre channel video storage solution. Medea is recognizing Fibre Channel as the interface of choice for today’s video professional. In its most simple form, Fibre Channel is a point-to-point interface and a direct replacement for SCSI. However, it is much more powerful when used in a SAN which allow for sharing of storage among multiple workstations or servers. As Fibre Channel continues to gain in popularity, you will need to learn more about it. So we have posted a Fibre Channel Benefits table and a Fibre Channel Glossary of Terms on our VideoRaid FCR2 page

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