Medea VideoRaid FCR2X 10/2000

StudioMonthly By Erik Holsinger FCR2XA Lightning-Fast Fibre Channel Array It’s a fact: high-resolution video requires a lot of space and very fast hard drive systems. Yet the fastest transfer speeds require fibre channel arrays, which initially were astronomically expensive. Medea, however, offers a solution to this problem with the VideoRaid FCR2X, an $7,799 fibre channel-based hard drive array that provides ultra-fast data transfer speeds. For my tests, Medea provided me with the VideoRaid FCR2X 10/2000, a dual-channel, 2 TB array. The VideoRaid FCR2X comes in a sleek and moderately quiet chassis, filling only four rack spaces. A brilliant stroke in the VideoRaid’s design is the inclusion of a four-port fibre channel array. This will let you share the VideoRaid FCR2X with up to four workstations. As an added bonus, you can place the FCR2X up to 150 feet away using optical fibre cables without any loss in data speed. In the studio, my colleagues and I used the VideoRaid FCR2X with the ATTO Celerity FC-22XH 2 GB dual-channel fibre card, which worked on both our Mac and PC systems. Setup was amazingly simple. Instead of archaic RAID software utilities, you simply create RAID volumes using the RAID software built into Windows XP and Mac OS X. But how does it perform? In two words: lightning fast. read more.. Check out Videoguys GREAT deals on VideoRAIDs!!

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