Media Composer 101 - Lesson 4 - Composer Overview & Intro to Bins

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PVC by Kevin P. McAuliffe

This lesson will teach you that organization is the key to a smooth edit!

In the next lesson of Kevin P McAuliffe's "Media Composer 101" tutorial series, he gives you a general overview of Media Composers interface, and starts his talk about bins, and why organization is the key to getting your edits done to time, and on time!

Any NLE will be daunting when you first start out. This lesson is designed to give you a general overview of what you will see when you either create a new project, so step into someone else's project for the first time. We'll also get started talking about Bins. Bins are what is going to keep you organized in your project. Many editors will create tens (or sometimes even hundreds) of bins, and scatter their footage across all of them, which for you means nothing but headaches trying to find anything. You can really boil your bins down to four main ones. Audio, Clips, Graphics and Sequences. Now, this is all fine and good if you're working on a smaller project, but what if you're working on the next Academy Award winner for best Documentary? That's where folders come into play. You can have four main folders (named as per the four main bins), and then have many different bins that, at the end of the day, can easily slide into one of those four categories. You need to remember that organization is the key to any edit. If you follow these simple steps, you and all the editors working with you to help get your project done, will be able to edit faster than ever, by simply being able to find their desired footage, lightning quick! In this lesson, we'll cover creating bins, organization, Bin Settings, Favorite Bins and Bin searches, and believe it or not, we're only scratching the surface of the power of Bins inside of Media Composer. read more...

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