Media Composer 5.5 owners can save $100 when you upgrade to Media Composer 6.5

Videoguys still has a limited supply of Media Composer 5.5 to MC6 upgrades available for $488. If you purchase one of these upgrades before September 30th you qualify for a FREE upgrade to Media Composer 6.5!!

Avid released Media Composer 6.5 on Sept 7th at IBC. The new upgrade prices are as follows:

If you buy an MC5.5 to MC6 upgrade today, you qualify for a free upgrade to MC6.5 directly from Avid., This means you can save $100!!

You must register your software immediately, and then follow the links below to download your FREE upgrade to MC6.5! You get all of the 3rd party software as well. Don't delay - upgrade today and save $100!!

Do you qualify for a complimentary upgrade to version 6.5?

If you purchased or upgraded to Media Composer 6, Symphony 6, or NewsCutter 10 on or between August 8, 2012 and September 30, 2012—and registered your product—you are entitled to a no-charge upgrade to Media Composer 6.5, Symphony 6.5, or NewsCutter 10.5 software.

You can request your complimentary upgrade through this page if you meet the above requirements and you either:

Just fill out and submit the form below to get your new license and links to download your upgrade.

What’s new in the Media Composer Family

Media Composer 6.5, Symphony 6.5, and NewsCutter 10.5 offer key enhancements that enable customers to speed up their workflow efficiency:

Avid Media Authoring — Customers in facilities who handle a variety of input formats and deliver multiple output formats can now master and archive projects more efficiently with Avid Media Authoring. This new component of Avid Media Access (AMA) offers support for AS-02, a standard developed by the Advanced Media Workflow Association that helps post-production facilities simplify efficient media management for versioning of programs and streamline delivery to a variety of platforms and devices. And with the addition of natively supporting the JPEG 2000 codec, customers can package sequences for easy versioning and archiving, as well as scale sequences to meet the needs of multiple generational content passes—without media degradation. The Media Composer 6.5 family of products also supports Active Format Description (AFD) to enable one consistent viewer experience—regardless of down-conversion or reformatting.

I/O Hardware Release — With the I/O Hardware Release control in Media Composer, Symphony and NewsCutter, customers using third-party hardware through Avid Open I/O can further customize their workflows. Editors can now simply activate and deactivate hardware to pass control back and forth between Media Composer and third-party applications such as Adobe After Effects or Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve. In addition, editors can now access software-only mode features, such as full-screen playback, directly in Media Composer without disconnecting.

Audio enhancements — The industry leading audio tools in Media Composer, Symphony and NewsCutter take a leap forward with significant new enhancements. The addition of advanced audio keyframing accelerates the automation process within and among audio tracks. And with support for 64 audio voices, video editors gain more power to work with multiple stem mixes and play them all back simultaneously.

Advanced relink support — Editors gain more flexibility to interact with media from third-party applications, such as DaVinci Resolve, through expanded relink support, enabling them to dynamically reconnect clips to new or the original media using a wide variety of common metadata fields.

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