Let's Edit with Media Composer - Advanced - MDV Media

Let's Edit with Media Composer - Advanced -MDV Management Utility

Another great example of the best things in life are free!

I always like MDV, as it was like an editors little secret. Back in the day (4 years ago), to find this utility you had to go to a Russian website, and download the utility that, to be honest, was the best one out on the market at the time. Flash forward to 2016, and we have a few other options, both of which are paid options, and we now have a new Mac version of MDV that has been thrown into the mix for Mac Media Composer editors to get their hands on. Now, with this lesson, I wanted to make sure that I post both the Mac, and the vintage Creative Cow tutorial in the same lesson, so all editors are covered, and can download and use this awesome free utility.

Here’s the walkthrough of the Windows version from my old Creative Cow tutorial. Keep in mind that you can now download the Windows version very easily from http://djfio.ru/mdv/

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