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Avid just released the first update of Media Composer | Software, since its launch, last May. If you have a Subscription, Perpetual or Floating License plan, you are entitled to this new version! Look for the update in your Application Manager. Customers with Internet connections will see notifications of an update in their Application Manager. Click “Update” in Application Manager to start the download and installation process without having to go to the Avid web site. Those without internet connections on their systems or those who wish to manually install the software can obtain the new version from their MyAvid account or the Video Download Center.

There are lots of new features in this release. We invite you to share and/or like your favorite one(s) through the attached Instagram Video links (just click the Instagram logo, followed by “View on Instagram” to view or like). As always, you can find more details about changes and features in the Media Composer | Software Documentation.

Here are some of the latest new features to boost your creativity and efficiency.

1) AAX Plug-in Support
The editing application now supports 64 bit AAX (Avid Audio eXtension) plug-ins. AAX plug-ins are audio effects that you apply to tracks within your sequence. These plug-ins let you process audio effects on a track in real time so that you can play them back or output them without rendering them. These are the very same AAX audio effects that Avid Pro Tools supports.

AAX plug-ins replace the RTAS plug-ins. Most of the RTAS plug-in parameters are available as AAX parameters. Therefore you can use older sequences with RTAS effects without re-tweaking the new AAX parameters. Please read the What’s New Guide to make sure which of your old RTAS plug-ins get automatically updated to AAX plug-ins.

It’s worth mentioning that Media Composer now has delay compensation, so that plug-in processing delays won’t introduce A/V sync slip. read more...

Avid Media Composer | Software and Add-Ons!

Avid has now released the latest version (MC 8.0) in all the new licensing options. The key differentiators between the various flavors of licensing is the included 3rd party and Avid software.

Whether you're an experienced Avid editor or you're making the switch from Final Cut or Adobe, the experts at can help you find the Avid software that's right for you. We've even worked with software plug-in manufacturers like Boris FX and NewBlue to put together some great offers to replace the 3rd party software that used to be bundled with Avid..

Check out these videos to learn more about Avid Media Composer | Software


Videoguys' Guide to the New Avid Media Composer | Software Part 1


Videoguys' Guide to the New Avid Media Composer | Software Part 2

Tutorial with Steve Hullfish:
Color Correction with
Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer | Software Annual Support Plan Upgrade/Renewal

If you already own Media Composer and wish to upgrade to the latest version, maintaining your perpetual (no expiration) license, you can do so by signing up for a standard Avid Support plan for $285/year. This auto-renewable plan includes all software upgrades, updates, and standard support for one year from the date of purchase. There are no updates to 3rd party software but you may continue to use all software that you currently own.


Avid Media Composer | Software Perpetual License

Avid Media Composer | Software Perpetual License now includes a 1-year support plan that entitles you to free updates and upgrades during that period and with this license you own the software even if you do not continue to renew the support. The Perpetual License includes:

• Media Composer | Software perpetual license (never expires)
• NewBlue Titler Pro v1
• Sorenson Squeeze (30-day trial)
• iZotope Insight (30-day trial)
• One year of Avid Support (including software updates)


Avid Media Composer Annual Subscriptions

When you subscribe to Avid Media Composer | Software you get annual access to Media Composer with the Symphony Option, free upgrades and updates and a lot more. All subscription licenses include:

• Media Composer|Software
• Symphony Option
• NewBlue Titler Pro v2
• Boris Continuum Complete Lite
• Sorenson Squeeze (30-day trial)
• iZotope Insight (30-day Trial)
• Avid Standard Support (including all software updates)


Boris FX RED 5.5 for Avid

Boris RED 5.5 is a successor to Avid FX, previously bundled with all Avid editing solutions. Customers who purchase Boris RED 5.5 today will be eligible for an upgrade to Boris RED 6, a major release slated for later this year.

Special! 50% Off Perpetual License thru 7/31/14

NEW! RED 1-yearSubscription

NEW! NewBlue
Complete for Avid

NewBlue Complete for Avid contains a powerful collection of effects and transitions carefully selected to elevate the Avid experience and improve your workflow. Your Media Composer already includes Titler Pro, now round it out with more of the best from NewBlueFX.

includes more than $899 worth of software
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