The Media of the Future Demands Top Notch Storage

Wondering about sound storage for large format footage? This article from Larry Jordan is a thread to keep and eye on, especially with NAB 2018 around the corner. Read on for some discussion with G-Tech's product line Director about what you need when you're on a short deadline and have a ton of terabytes to sort through: From Larry Jordan

Storage for 4K production....what surprises me is how few questions I get, asking about what storage to buy. Yet, as we move into 4K, 6K, 8K and HDR images, storage needs explode. Recently, during a Digital Production Buzz interview, Gary Watson, cofounder and Chief Technical Officer for Nexsan told me that a 4K HDR video file requires 1.8 GB / second of storage bandwidth. And 8K files are four TIMES bigger than that!

NOTE: Don’t ever assume you can edit 6K or 8K files “natively.” Both FCP X and Premiere easily support proxy files. Edit using proxies. Color grade using camera native. Both you and your storage will be grateful.

1.8 GB / second is faster than Firewire, Thunderbolt 1, even Thunderbolt 2. Yet, far too many editors assume that the speed of the computer is all they need to consider when buying a system that will “future-proof their editing.” Your computer is safe, most likely for years to come; but not your storage.....[continue reading]

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