MediaDS Turnkey Streaming Appliance Launched by NewTek & Wowza

NewTek Wowza MediaDS workfllowTurnkey Streaming Media Distribution Now Available!

Launch your own multi-channel content network, and freely flex your organization’s media communications from internal audiences on your local network to worldwide populations over the Internet. With the effortless enterprise deployment of the MediaDS, live streaming video from your productions, presentations and live events can be delivered directly from the source to the screens of your viewers—wherever they watch. Now in stock at!

End-to-End Distribution Platform Allows Producers to Stream Live Video Directly to Viewers

"This allows a content producer or content owner to take a live video signal of any type, whether it's from a studio or a TriCaster or any other video switcher, and deliver it directly to the end user," NewTek Director of Product Marketing Will Waters told StudioDaily. "It is a delivery or distribution system — a turnkey solution for anyone who wants to have total control all the way from content delivery to the consuming viewer. Typically, you'd have to piece that together from multiple vendors."..[continue reading on StudioDaily]

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