Microsoft Guide to Using NDI with Microsoft Teams

Video conferencing saw an undeniable surge in popularity in the streaming space during 2020- largely due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. One popular solution of video conferencing was Microsoft Teams, and a requested feature that was promised earlier this year was NDI within Teams.

This feature is finally here, and Microsoft has released a quick guide on how to integrate the NDI capability to your Teams call.

NDI is a technology created by NewTek, that stands for Network Device Interface.  NDI allows users to broadcast audio and video streams over your network.  Pairing NDI with Teams will allow you to pull a remote guest over a Teams call right into your NDI aware production system.   

Turning on NDI in Teams

NDI out must first be turned on for each caller by the admin.   After this has been done, a new option will become available in Teams under settings.  Enter settings by clicking on your profile picture, then select permissions and turn on the toggle next to Network Device Interface (NDI). 

After enabling NDI in Teams, all meetings that you join will have streams available via NDI over your local network. When you join a meeting in the Teams desktop app, you will be notified that broadcasting capabilities are turned on.


Check out the full guide from Microsoft HERE.

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