Microsoft Skype gets Content Creators Mode with NDI for Enhanced Collaboration

If you are looking to bring callers in to your live stream, either just audio or with video, you'll now have an easy solution with Skype for Content Creators paired with Wirecast software. Wirecast broadcasting software offers a rich array of live production features. You just need a reliable computer (mac or pc) and internet connection and you can stream professional quality video to your preferred delivery network. Read all about Skype for Content creators here: From

This summer, Microsoft's Skype for Windows 10 and Mac desktops will gain a new mode that will enable users to work collaboratively on livestreams, podcasts and other video content.

Dubbed Skype for Content Creators and currently in beta, the new mode dispenses with the need for additional equipment to record multiuser video calls and streams. The application will also allow users to place and record calls using NewTek NDI-compatible solutions like Vmix, Wirecast and Xsplit.

NewTek NDI, short for Network Device Interface, is software from video production technology provider NewTek that allows broadcasters and video production firms to create IP-based workflows where video content is transferred and processed over conventional networks. The Skype-NewTek NDI integration will help streamline the process of creating collaborative video content using Skype, claims Microsoft.

With the updated Skype apps, users will be able to launch a livestream in as little as two steps. The updated Skype application also simplifies the process of importing recorded calls to Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Audition Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Audition and other video software suites for additional more

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