Does the Microsoft Surface Studio Out-Mac the Mac?

title_banner-19Our old friend Ron Lindeboom, the founder of Creative COW has come out of retirement to pen this article looking at the exciting announcement that is taking the creative content creation market by storm - the Microsoft Surface Studio! I was blown away by the Surface Studio and so was Ron, and it's got many long time creative professionals and video editors asking themselves "Is it time to move on from Apple hardware?". The jury is still out on that, but I can tell you this - I'm going to be getting one or two of these puppies for our offices here and probably my home office as well.
Creative COW by Ron Lindeboom The day before Apple was to take the big stage in Cupertino to make their new announcements, Microsoft let loose with some news of their own, and it was news that sucked a lot of the air out of the room from what Apple was about to announce. Microsoft's Next Big Thing™ was in some ways like seeing the Mac for the first time, years ago -- you know, a machine sold on feelings and imagination, longtime Mac intangible abstract staples that now oddly felt quite comfortable in the hands of Microsoft. Say what!$#@! They had reawakened the dream that was once so much a part of the Mac Experience but had quietly faded over the years. That Microsoft chose to introduce the new Surface Studio with the theme song from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" -- the beautiful "Come with me, and we'll be, in a world of pure imagination" -- only helped to further coalesce (from this longtime Mac user's point of view) into a Microsoft that actually understood how creatives felt about the tools that gave them the means to truly express themselves. But Microsoft didn't stop there, they also succeeded in tearing another page from Apple's playbook...they had kept it all Top Secret right up to the very moment of the announcement. And they announced it perfectly, not on stats and facts and figures, but on what you could DO with this magnificent new idea. That message of emotion and pure imagination, resonated with many of the COW's most respected voices in the Mac professional community -- longtime COW leaders and members like Marco Solorio and many others, hardcore Mac power users -- were talking Microsoft. And they were deadly serious, too. If you missed it, here is the introductory video that Microsoft released just ahead of Apple's planned announcements... read more...

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