Microsoft Teams gets NDI Support for Broadcasting and More

NDI is one of the most intuitive and valuable tools available to broadcasters today. Now, with the world of broadcasting moving closer and closer to remote productions over Zoom, Teams, Skype and more, it is very important that NDI be available for these platforms- and Microsoft has obliged.

NDI is now available for Teams with the latest update.

The NDI update was announced with a ton of new features, including better collaboration and communication tools.  Microsoft sees Teams as a hub for both and of course, broadcasting.  

When it comes to broadcasting, NDI with teams will make tasks like bringing a live guest into your production much easier.  Currently a similar feature is available in Skype for large conference calls to stream with a system like OBS.  

Now with the new feature for Zoom, companies and individual broadcasters will have a much easier time creating video conferencing live streams.  

Check out this article to learn more HERE.


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