Mixed Reality is Set to be the Next Big Technology

Keith Curtin breaks down the differences between Virtual Reality, Augmented and Mixed Reality. Keith discusses the shift to Mixed Reality and what is to be expected next.
Mixed Reality — The next big paradigm shift A hybrid of both AR & VR, Mixed Reality is far more advanced than Virtual Reality because it combines the use of several types of technologies including; sensors, advanced optics and next gen computing power. All of this technology bundled into a single device will provide the user with the capability to overlay augmented holographic digital content into your real-time space, creating scenarios that are unbelievably realistic and mind-blowing. How does it work? Mixed Reality works by scanning your physical environment and creating a 3D map of your surroundings so the device will know exactly where and how to place digital content into that space realistically, while allowing you to interact with it using gestures. Much different than Virtual Reality where the user is immersed in a totally different world, Mixed Reality experiences will invite digital content into your real-time surroundings, allowing you to interact with them. The use of transparent lenses, spatial sound and an understanding of your physical environment will allow holograms to look, sound & behave like real objects that are able to interact with the environment around them and also with each other. Take for example the video below of Robots crashing through the walls and firing weapons at the Microsoft Hololens user. Not only mind-blowing but truly a magical experience! “Believability is a core design principle in Mixed Reality” Microsoft Hololens Engineer – Cris Derr What can Mixed Reality do? Mixed Reality will not just be another advanced gaming console to play the latest version of Halo or Madden NFL as many people might think, but instead it will add a whole new world of interactions, apps, games, and experiences we have yet to imagine. The World around you will become an entirely new canvas for you to Play, Learn, Communicate & Interact with. Several Use Case Examples: Communication: Holoportation will allow device users in different cities or countries to sit and interact with each other in the same space virtually, while remaining miles and miles apart.
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