Mobile Broadcast Studio with Telestream Wirecast Go iPhone App

Wirecast Go iPhone app is a new development from Telestream promising to make your live production efforts even easier, smaller and more mobile. Shoot high quality video footage streamed from various destinations into one live event. Find out more in this article. Mobile Broadcasting Studio with Wirecast Go app

Telestream’s Wirecast Go iPhone App

from The Broadcast Bridge Telestream’s Wirecast Go lets iPhone users turn their device into a mobile broadcast studio. It enables live iPhone productions to be streamed directly to YouTube and other RTMP servers. Telestream has announced that Wirecast Go, a mobile live streaming application that converts any Apple iPhone into a live broadcast studio is now available for download from the Apple App store. Building on Telestream’s experience in live streaming with the professional version of Wirecast, Wirecast Go is ideally suited . . . [continue reading]
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