Mobile live streaming: Using Cellular internet to go live


Live streaming for mobile is generally one of the most tricky aspects for live streamers, so let’s talk in depth about going live from remote locations. In particular, let’s consider cellular Internet. In places where Wi-Fi or Ethernet is not available (or just too costly), cellular Internet may be the only way to go. Whether you’re planning to live stream a concert, a sporting event, or a wedding, using a cellular network connection can be a smart very cost-effective. Although, live streaming over cellular signal isn’t always reliable: signal strength can fluctuate, causing dropped frames or even a failed stream.

Is it possible to have a more stable live streaming experience using cellular Internet? Here are the facts (and some advice) on mobile live streaming using a cellular signal.

Phone tethering

The simplest way to begin streaming using cellular Internet is to tether your phone by setting it to mobile hotspot mode. In this most basic setup, your phone will become the Wi-Fi source for an encoder device (such as the Webcaster X2).

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