Mobile Video Production with the Matrox MXO2

Creative COW by Bradley Shende

Bradley Shende is Executive Producer at Connected Life and CEO/Founder of M2O, a digital agency in Vancouver B.C. that specializes in social video marketing, product launches and digital marketing strategy. Shende also enjoys demystifying digital technology as an analyst and commentator on technology and media trends for CTV, Global, CKNW and Discovery's How Stuff Works. He sits on the Advisory Board and Instructs the New Media Design Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Shende was producer for six seasons of the award-winning technology show "Dave Chalk's Computer Life," and helped pioneer an interactive mobile content platform acquired by Research in Motion. He has been honored with four Telly Awards for Outstanding Video Direction, two Summit Awards for Outstanding Interactive Creative, and NFS Innovator of the Year (2008).

Demystifying technology is a passion for me. Years before I started my own business, the M2O Digital Agency, I evaluated and identified noteworthy new tech and gadgets for "Dave Chalk's Computer Show," a syndicated TV show about computers and technology. From 1996 to 2006, I produced the show that TV Guide once listed as one of the 50 best things on TV. During that time, I got a chance to examine and learn about all kinds of innovative consumer electronics gadgets. We also experimented with live streaming, one of the first TV shows to do that in North America.

That experience made me realize, even then, more than a decade ago, that content distribution was no longer about the broadcaster, but instead about the CAT5 cable coming out of the computer.

My curiosity for new technology and my interest in communicating what I learn continues to guide my career. I now tell stories to the general public through my "Connected Life" video spots, which are syndicated to Discovery's "How Stuff Works" (powered by YouTube) and distributed as part of the "Shaw Tech Report" through Canada's Global Television morning news across the country. read more...

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